God’s Goodness- Mercy Robert

Looking at the beauty of creation
And how the universe was called to be
The sight of it fills one with awe!
The wonder of how God made everything impeccable is, undoubtedly, overwhelming!
See the birds arrayed with feathers
And the lions adorned in fur
The sun knows when to rise and doesn’t forget when to set
The moon is always aware of when to resume its duty without forgetting its impact on the earth.
How the stars know how to team up to make sure they illuminate the world is beyond human comprehension.
The unasked question people always ask is who is this God?
Who makes the heavens His throne and the earth His footstool?
Who rides on the cloud with a chariot of fire ?
Whose voice freezes the whole universe?
Who introduces Himself differently to His prophets at different ages and time?
Whose compassion surpasses His anger and His forgiveness beclouds our iniquities?

Of all things created, He chose man to be created in His own image and likeness
Oh! Such a priceless prize!
He could have chosen to create us in the image of animals, or even the likeness of plants. But, no! He chose to give us His very picture! As if that was not enough, He gave us His very life!
We’ve got His very life in every fiber of our being and every cell of our blood.
He gave His Son to die in our stead so as to grant us access to eternity.
He took away our unrighteousness by replacing it with His righteousness in Christ Jesus.
Indeed, the Lord is good and there’s none, and will never be none compared to Him.
Let everyone shout the Lord is good!
Let’s the angels ascribe praises to Him
And the hosts of heaven declare His wondrous works.
Let the whole earth celebrate God’s goodness!