Holy Spirit- Mercy Robert

The Spirit with a supernatural strength
The eye opener
The air breathe in
Whom all manifestations come from
Holy Spirit!
Who can do the things you do?
With you in me I’m fulfilled
With you in me Holy Spirit
I’m not dependent on mundane
What more can one ask for?
You are all encompassing:
A strengthener!
A standby!
A comforter!
A counselor!
A helper!
An intercessor!
A teacher!
An extraordinary strategist!
What more can one ask for?
Even when I grief you
You never go away….
What a love!
What a love!
Even when I harden to listen when you talk
You didn’t do away
Sweet Holy Spirit!
Your love supernatural!
Your joy unspeakable!
Your peace an antidote to worry!
Patience and endurance come from you
What more does one need?
Is it gentleness that you are clothed with?
Or goodness that is benevolence in its purest self?
You are all encompassing!
You are the unveiler of the deeper mysteries of God!
You reveal hidden mysteries and secrets
That natural man cannot comprehend
Sweet Holy Spirit!
You who strengthens faith and stirs up courage!
You who ministers on the inside
And confirms the word in hearts…..
You are the best friend one could ever have…